The most beautifullest thing in the world about Talib Kweli Greene’s The Beautiful Struggle is the flow. I can’t say that I love the production on this album. After Kweli’s last outing I have to admit that I was expecting a more exclusive sound and differently produced disc. Now let’s not get it fucked up. The lyrics alone are make the disc worth sitting through…for me that is.

Kweli is without a doubt one of the most gifted emcees within this high caliber, visually vocal, culture of ours. Now as you all know I say what the fuck I feel and if I’m hated on then oh well, it is what it is, I don’t give a shit. Y’all better breathe.

Kweli intros the disc with two simply up-tempo tracks “Going Hard” and “Back Up Off Me” that are made for showcasing his verbal ability. Most people say that Kweli went commercial on his last release, but I say evolution is a great thing, change is good. On “Broken Glass,” Talib tells stories of different types, about women, love and more topics that make one scratch their head and if nothing else ask questions about everything and anything. If your glass is broken you better get your shit straight.

On We Know” featuring Faith Evans is Kweli showing his real set as usual he is making you ponder things but this simple open minded track that exposes the real Kweli through and through.

References to The Jigga Man on “A Game” shows what caliber of emcee Talib considers himself to be, one of the best. Kweli also delves deeper on various cuts which feature Mary J Blige on “I Try” as well as Common and Antrhony Hamilton on ” Ghetto Show.” The disc is not so healthy production wise but on the verbal end Kweli delivers an outstanding performance as usual and even though he does a great job, I can’t help but wonder and wait for the reunion of Blackstar. Kweli continues to grow as an artist and also as a businessman and he sounds good doing it all What I did not hear on this release was any super duper smash hits that will climb the to the top of the charts but i can guarantee you that in the end, Kweli will play a part in sparking the future mind that will change Hip-Hop. Great effort Talib.

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