In the tradition of straight up West Coast G’s the long awaited 213 disc is here. This is a product that has been in the making for some time. Finally, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg and Warren G have put together their collaborative efforts to create a traditional LA album, Crisp beats, sharp hooks, and straight lyrics are the makeup for the soundtrack of these 3 veterans. I mean as the intro states, Snoop wanted to do an album, Warren G had nothing on his schedule and Nate was as usual probably singing a hook for someone at the time. Therefore, the dream was finally born and the result is 213 The Hard Way. “Twist Ya Body” is a heat filled club joint that will move a few souls. “Absolutely” shows a lot of references to plain sexual fun and spittin’ game at the hoes in the club.. Same shit different day and still sounds good.

“Keep It Gangsta” shows why a union such as 213 had to become a reality. It reminisces back to the days of old when all three were associated with Death Row, but the key to it all is that the music has matured and grown but still remains influenced by the old hood shit that started it. This one is beautiful fa sho.”Groopie Luv” is the second single from the disc and admittedly it had to grow on me because the first 2 times I heard it I just didn’t feel it but finally it broke through a little bit and it’s aiight. I’ll give it s pass.

There is 19 tracks on this on for you to choose from but “So Fly” is still one of the best on the disc. Traditional Nate Dogg crooning with that pimp swagger, Snoop just relaxed on the track and the rebirth of a much smarter and wiser Warren G who talks the most slick $40,000 per bar shit on the track is to say the least a joyful, intoxicating, musical sound. Much respect on a thorough return.