Welcome back to the twisted world of Viktor Vaughn, a place where action awaits at every turn and there’s a supervillain, of all people, out to save Hip-Hop. Those already accustomed to this strange land will already be familiar with the trademark sound bites and strange cast of characters, which there are plenty of. Somehow the supporting cast fits right in, but Vik also has a few adventures he takes on solo.

From descriptive narratives, laced heavily with obscure pop culture references, to all out story tracks, this record delivers everything you’ve come to expect from Viktor Vaughn. Even a few things in between, including Doper Skiller, a strange trip to outer space with the man sometimes known as Kool Keith. Luckily for you, the co-pilots are going to very familiar territory and don’t hesitate to make it fun. As the extremely ill cutting at the end states “You gotta have style“, and these two cats have an abundance. For those who say Vik never actually raps about anything, there is proof positive that he can indeed pull it off, as Bloody Chain weaves a tale of street larceny and revenge. The track co-stars Poison Pen who plays his part to a T, this story is not too complex but told in a very creative manner.

As I said there are many guests, but for those interested in hearing just The Man himself, there are several dope examples such as Ode to Road Rage, and Fall Back/Titty Fat where he showcases his off-kilter flow over a few different beats. It’s just the typical, good ol’ shit from DOOM.

Although this album may start with the quote “Burn this off your man don’t spend the ten bucks/I did this for the advance, the back end sucks“, I would urge you not to take that to heart. Support good music, people, so we can keep hearing it. My only complaint is that this album is so short it leaves you wanting more, which could be construed as a good thing too.