The BX better stand up! The birthplace of Hip-Hop has to be represented with authority. When you put together a street monarch and a team of thirsty up and coming artists you get the TS family.

Terror Squad was well on their way to prominence right before the passing of Big Pun, who was also one of the most lyrical giants that rap had ever seen and he hadn’t even begun to reach his peak as an artist. Due to Pun’s untimely demise the Terror Squad waited patiently while Don Cartegena kept the squad, himself and Pun in the spotlight with his Platinum releases. It was a mission that Fat Joe was on to make sure that Big Pun and the Terror Squad names lived on forever.

Fast forward a few years and presto… prominence is among us. All due to the heat driven club banger “Lean Back.” Joe proves once again that he can take a part of the Bronx and put it on his shoulders and make the whole team and Borough shine. The TS album True Story is a solid outing for Remy Martin, Prospect, Armageddon and Tony Sunshine. They all get artistic and open on various tracks on the disc. On “Bring’em Back,” Pun, Big L and Fat Joe all spit like monsters but Pun’s verse reminds us of the talent that we never got to see reach it’s potential.

“Pass Away” is vengeful track dedicated to the hateful individuals out there. It brings us into the TS world of thirst through Armageddon’s flow and Tony Sunshine’s riffing. These cats have paid their dues and it’s starting to show in the music

The discs intro “Nothings Gonna Stop Me” is also a street hopper with Joe spittin’ as well as Tony Sunshine. Yeah He’s spitting too. Surprisingly, T’s flow isn’t half bad. We all know he’s got vocal skills to boot.

On “Yeah Yeah Yeah’ the squad just talk that Bronx shit that they talk. So my advice is, have ya word game up if you step in the arena, because Fat Joe has brought his team to the forefront of the game and now is their time.