In the tradition of Run DMC and Aerosmith, Public Enemy and Anthrax, and the recent trend of rap/rock blends by deejays Muggs and Z-Trip, here is M.O.P. and rock outfit Shiner Massive. There is little dispute that Lil’ Fame and Billy Danze are hip-hop’s most raucous duo, the Brownsville representatives never lower their voices on the mic. Not to mention their steady dose their trademark adlibs (“fffiiiiiyaaaaaahhh” and “bbbllllaaaakkkkaaaah,” of course), adding fuel to their fire. Add some hard, thrashing guitars and you had better get out the extinguishers.

Not to be confused with their highly-anticipated Roc-A-Fella debut, “Mash Out Posse” is just a side project released independently on their own Fast Life Music. This is M.O.P. with fellow Brooklynites Shiner Massive interpreting some of the best known tracks, turning out a very natural rap/rock hybrid album. Songs such as “Conquerors,” “Fire” and “Put It In The Air” sound like they were meant to be rock songs. I can’t really complain about anything here. Even the tracks that are understated and less likely to start a mosh pit (“Ground Zero,” “Stress Y’all”), work nicely. Other selections like “Raise Hell” and “Get The Fuck Outta Here” well, there is no chance they won’t start a mosh pit.

Actually, I wasn’t too high on “Hilltop Flava,” which was set to the Beastie’s classic “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn.” It just didn’t sound right without the Beastie nasal vocals. Maybe I can complain about a bit more, I was really looking forward to hearing how out of control their most notorious party anthem would sound, but “Robbin’ Hoodz” (bka as “Ante Up”), couldn’t match the intensity of the original. Nevertheless, this is a great little side project from M.O.P. and a welcome rap/rock hybrid that was done right for a change.