After some time in hiatus, Petey Pablo returns with all of his frustrations, joys, pains, humble visions and arrogant thoughts on his newest Jive release “Still Writing In my Diary: 2nd Entry. Petey has been keeping the club parkay hot in recent months with his booty admiring single “Freek- A- Leek”, but if you remember Petey’s “Debut Diary Of A Sinner :1st Entry” and you actually listened to it. Then you know that Petey is liable to drop even much deeper thought processes on his newest disc.

But as we all know the masses will probably direct the next single off the disc to be the bouncy collabo featuring Baby and TQ from Cash Money, “Did You Miss Me” is definitely some club heat as Petey spits, I gotta Master plan/ I gotta man with paper to handle the pistol /so I ain’t have to ti ti ti ti/ I done had it up to here with this shit/ take this track up to the label here’s ya single bitch.

Petey also shines on “He Spoke to Me” where Petey utilizes his raspy country sound as he takes us through a Funk and Blues and Gospel driven concoction of sounds and vocal riffs while he tells about his god speaking to him.

“O It’s On” Featuring Young Buck Of G-Unit is some straight street heat done to the best of Peter’s ability which holds it’s own with the up and coming Buck. The disc should prove to solidify Petey as an established artist on his sophomore endeavor. The jinx should be invisible.

Another possible single and video could be “Break Me Off” featurinmg Missy but honestly the track is a little light on innovativeness. Lil’ Jon shows up on “U Don’t Want Dat” exposing another rowdy type Dirty South street/club anthem that’s sure to gain some looks and traditional uptempo Petey in the tradition of “Raise Up” is found on “What You Know About It”

The disc will definitely allow Petey to continue to eat but don’t expect any musical nominations any time soon.