How many artist release a CD, get arrested for attempted murder, beat the case, and come home and becomes a force to be reckoned with in rap? Not many, but in 1997 Big Noyd released “Episodes Of A Hustler” and was then placed in jail for attempted murder. Noyd did not loose his spirit at all. They say whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Noyd has designed himself to be seen as one of the strongest in the game and on his latest release, Only The Strong on Landspeed records he is set to garner his own success without being under the microscope of Mobb Deep. He’s on a mission to come up from the underground without leaving the hood behind. Don’t get it twisted though Noyd is still connected to the Mobb and always will be. If you actually look at the array of artists that claim to rep their hoods, the QB Niggas do it the best, on every disc, everywhere they go.

On “Shoot Em Up” Noyd comes out the gate swinging Ox type vocals and reps the hood to the fullest. The production on both parts of the song (The second part features Mob Deep) by Alchemist compliments Noyd’s flow lovely. “Something For That All” is a display of them QB cats in their rarest form. Prodigy and Noyd splash back and forth all over this joint. Noyd did the Production on the track and his skills are definitely skills to watch. Noyd also shines on “All 4 The Luv Of The Dough” which features Prodigy as well. Noyd even talks about putting the gatz down and raising the children right on this one…thugs have feelings too.

Over all Noyd’s latest release is hot at some points if you can stomach a lot of street tales, shit talking and violence. There is a market for it and Noyd will always have fans. Let’s just hope that art doesn’t imitate life…keep it on wax and it’s all good.