St. Louis is starting to ring major bells in the rap game. First there was Nelly. Then there was the weak solo effort from Ali of the St. Lunatics. Now there is the coming up of Chingy and right on his heels is the youngest member of the Tics Murphy Lee. Chingy’s debut Jackpot on DTP records, is a testament to the party style anthems that the Ambassador of The Lou, Nelly, made famous. Now don’t get confused, Chingy is not a copycat Nelly. In fact, Chingy’s debut is a much stronger debut outing than Nelly’s Country Grammar was.

It is clearly evident on Jackpot that Chingy has completely studied the art of party music. What makes his first solo effort even more in-depth is the fact that Chingy has enlisted the talents of his DTP family. He has also added Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, Trina and the St. Lunatics own Thundercat young’n Murphy Lee into the fold and has come up with some impressive music. The album is full of club bangers and if its presence as the #2 album in the country with the #1 song in the country is any notation of things to come then Chingy is about to become a household name. The disc starts off with some fire with the “Jackpot Intro,” and continues into “He’s Herre” and “Represent’ featuring Tity Boy and I-20 from DTP. Then of course there is the hottest song in the land right now in “Right Thurr.” Even the skits are amusing as Chingy displays his

Alter ego, Jackpot, as he riffs of some pimpaliscious shit to the public. “Wurrs My Cash” is like a remixed version of “Pimp Juice” but Chingy’s version of his musical pimp mode is a tad better. The Title Track Jackpot is an uptempo dance track that is sure to make some noise in the clubs. If “Sample Dat Ass” is not released as the next single someone isn’t doing his or her job. Chingy and Murphy Lee blaze this track with mad intensity. “Holidae In” features snoop and Luda and is yet another club hopper dropped over a racing beat. Whether it’s club joints or pimpin’ in his fluid one thing is sure; Chingy has arrived