I am admittedly not a huge Black Eyed Peas fan, but this CD is definitely different. If you listen closely you can hear so much originality that it makes it refreshing. What I do respect about BEP is that they do their best to exemplify every Element of Hip-Hop in their music as well as their stage show. With their latest release, Elephunk can be the one that pushes BEP into the mainstream if the promotion is right. The intro cut “Hands Up” is a bouncy horn filled track that has some mass appeal. The second track reuses a riff that most die-hard Hip-Hop cats wouldn’t use. “Labor Day” is a new concept over pieces of ‘Night of the Living Base Heads” by Public Enemy; And on a few tracks starting with “Lets Get Retarded” new comer Furgie spits some tight ass vocals. Ol’ girl got her own sound but favors Alicia Keys and Teena Marie at some points as well. The disc sounds like some refreshing shit. Like when the Fugees first came on to the scene they were refreshing. They may not be the Fugees but this release will definitely make some folks stand up and listen closer. The CD is a collaboration of riffs, funk, rhymes, vocals and beats and looses steam at some points with all the originality that just seems to be all over the place, but it’s still a solid outing none the less

Latin Girls could be pushed as a second single. It’s a bold loving statement to Cuban Mexican, Puerto Rican and Spanish mamis all over the world. The guitar riffs glide through the track effortlessly and it sounds good to hear a group of people from different cultures pay homage to another cultures beauty; and once again Fergie splashes the bridge wit a lil’ spiciness.

The sound that BEP exudes brings back elements of the early 90’s. There are so many ideas on this CD that there’s something for almost everyone.

Fergie blows her ass off on “Fly Away.” Nuff said. “Anxiety” is a real twist but the joint bangs. It features Papa Roach. Yeah that’s right, Papa Roach, and the concept is just as the title states. The track is full of guitar riffs and a lot of anxiety. Definitely cross over material.

The next to final cut is the first single and it is an ode to some positive vibes in music and it is ultimately refreshing. “Where is The Love” is a reality check that all people may need as well as some street driven cats that do what they do well, but really need to allow themselves the opportunity to grow and explore deeper topics. The disc is a Good-natured effort. Hopefully it will get the love it deserves. Come on thugs and thugettes, you can still be a survivor with street credibility and think very deeply just like KRS One did. Where is the love? Holla.