Wit a mad dame from France/
Wit a ass so big you couldn’t hide it in hammer pants
– Fabolous

Fabolous is one of the wickedest mc’s when it comes to spittin’ punch lines that have a sense of humor in them. The aforementioned lyrical note is just a piece of the F.A.B.O. trademark. The track, “Not Give a Fuck” is the intro to Fab’s sophomore effort Street Dreams. Although the cute punch lines sometimes get tiresome there is no sophomore jinx here.

Fab comes through shining on “Can’t Let you Go” Featuring Lil’ Mo and Mike Shorey. Where he spits about tackling two women who he obviously has feelings for. He claims that, the entrée ain’t as good with out something on the side. Now that’s gangsta. Now when Fab first hit the scene with Ghetto Fabolous he immediately got love from teenyboppers and true Hip Hop heads as well. As we all know, the teenyboppers buy records so it’s a good look for Fab. One of the strongest tracks on Fab’s second outing has to be “Why Wouldn’t I” featuring Paul Cain. The Omen produced track is a sick combination of high-pitched keys, dropping bass and snare claps that are sure to make the club bounce. The collaboration with Snoop Dogg on “Up on Things” borrows a line from one of Snoops earlier classic cuts. Fab and the Chuuch made man from the west spit happily over the track. This one will make you dance. “Sickalicious” which features Missy Elliot is not as hot as one may think that it should be. The track is bouncy but the hook is really not poppin’.

We have all heard the ‘This is my party” joint and it’s clear that when Fab does the party joints that that is where his strength lies. That’s not to say that the kid has no street flow, but he just knows how to keep the dance floor packed. “Into You” with Ashanti is another display of Fab’s strength. When he’s talking to a shorty and explaining to her how he’s in love with her Fab shines ridiculously. The honey’s are gonna eat this one up for sure. I smell a third single and video with this one fa sho.

So at the end of the day, Fab continues to show that he deserves his spot in this game. Not a five star disc but still hot none the less.