One might recognize K Camp from being a part of the 2015 XXL Freshman squad. Others might recognize him from hit singles “Cut Her Off” and “Money Baby.” Anyone attached to mainstream radio will find these tracks belonged to this 25-year-old rapper from Atlanta. Being signed to Interscope gives him a small amount of default credibility in addition to his rise. This is home to some of music’s greatest artists Eminem and Madonna.

A quick look at the track list and one should find his debut Only Way Is Up is stacked with features.Nowadays, that can be a positive or negative thing. Many rappers have received backlash for having too many guest appearances, losing the audience’s focus on their own work. In this case, it works in K Camp’s favor. Right off the bat, on the intro to the project, “Change,” we hear Jeremih, who pretty much turns any track into gold. This track has a chill, relaxed vibe that draws the audience into the project in the most subtle way. The smooth beat laced with piano accents and background vocals automatically proves K Camp is worth much more than his bangers you hear at the club.

From his singles alone, you can draw two themes from his music: love and money. Those are two things that single handedly rule our society today. This means the people can relate. “Lil Bit” is Only Way Is Up’s lead off single, and the ultimate turn up song. “Drink a little bit, smoke a little bit, pop a little bit, aye get fucked up,” he spits. These are the perfect instructions on how to have a great night. Similar to his previous singles, K Camp proves he knows how to make music for people will enjoy. It seems that has been the favored type of Hip Hop nowadays, the party never ends. K Camp recognizes this and it’s evident in his tracks throughout the majority of Only Way Is Up.

On the next single, “Comfortable,” he switches things up. This is where the romance comes in. K Camp reveals his soft side, a side we can all relate to. This slowed down number definitely switched things up, but still has the radio appeal K Camp embodies in his uptempo tracks. The ATL rapper details how to treat a girl right. He will give his girl, or future girl, what she deserves: the finer things in life. K Camp will be satisfied as long as she is comfortable. We can all appreciate that.

While we’re on his soft side, K Camp lets his walls down by sharing the relationship, or lack thereof, with his father on “Control.” This is among the few tracks on the project he lets us in. The chorus repeats the line, “Shit get better with time.”  Here, K Camp proves the versatility with his music. He is just as capable of creating powerful, inspirational music as well.

Back to the features, his track with Snoop Dogg “Rolling,” almost convinces us he is a veteran. Incorporating Snoop’s classic “Gin And Juice,” K Camp utilizes auto-tune and showcases his well thought out lyrics. Many may miss this, but songwriting is one of his greatest assets. The second track of the project is a banger, featuring T.I., the king of the South. This might be one of the hardest tracks on the whole project. It definitely sets the tone for what’s to come. Other guest appearances include Bun B, French Montana, and Cyhi.

The last two tracks are the perfect conclusion in encompassing K Camp music as a whole. “1 Hunnid” with Fetty Wap depicts his love for money, doing what he needs to do get to that level of success. This means hustle, hard work, and keeping it real, or “one hunnid,” at all times. “Above Water” is a beautiful track featuring female vocals from Marian Mereba. He closes the album with this positive, uplifting piece, reminding his fans to stay up, keeping your head “above water.”