A leading member of Marley Marl’s Juice Crew, Kool G Rap continues to etch his name in the minds of hip hop fans world wide. With the release of “The Giancanna Story”, Kool G Rap serves up nothing less than bone chilling gangsta details, and haunting street life scenarios effortlessly relayed through his dynamic lyricism.

The album starts of with “Thug For Life”. Definitely a spearhead track for the album, the abrasive beat and strong lyrics make this a perfect lead track. “Where You At” is an explosively raw number featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep fame. Strong production and powerful lyrics make this song one of the album’s definitive highlights. “Holla Back” is served up next, featuring incredible contributions from AZ, Tito, and Nawz alongside Kool G Rap. A bass heavy beat paves the way for the stellar vocal contributions that rise without constraints.

Over the duration of the album Kool G continues bless the listener with an assault of strong, intense tracks, all of which comparatively compete for highlight status. The storytelling is ongoing wih tracks “It’s Nothing”, and “The Streets” which should also be strongly noted by fans as both tracks are magnificent. It doesn’t stop there, “Drama”, “Blaze wit Ya”, and “Black Widow” are additional standouts. The album concludes with a remix to a personal favorite “My Life”, featuring Capone-N-Noreaga lending vocals and a great performance.

Kool G Rap once again proves he is an incredible storyteller and rhymesayer. With the “Giancanna Story” you have an album every serious fan should not be without. The farthest thing from a disappointment, there is no filler material, no water-me-down interludes, just pure music. One would be foolish not to have this album in their collection making it an easy recommendation.