Duck Down Records ended their 3 year hiatus with the release of a highly anticipated new album. On October 8th the drought ended with the Boot Camp Clik’s “The Chosen Few”. The Clik consists of members Buckshot; of Black Moon fame, Tek N Steele (Cocoa Brovaz), Sean Price AKA Ruck from Heltah Skeltah, and OGC, consisting of members: Starang Wondah, Louieville Sluggah, and Top Dog. The group, which could be said seemed greater as individual parts then as whole; brings their familiar style to the table and representz as only the Boot Camp Clik can.

From a lyrical standpoint the album is as tight as could be, and the members rarely disappoint. The questionable talent of members Louieville and Top Dog of OGC even bring their “A” game to the table on this record. Rumor has it that the two of them had a lot to prove since they were seen as the weakest links of the BCC. Duh! The rest of the ensemble come as hard as they always have and interpolate the sick production and beats with melodic harmony, and sharp lyrical wit. Nothing but good things can be said about Buckshot’s performance on this album. He has been away from the game for awhile, but hasn’t lost a step, declaring his underground status in “And So” a definitive head banger. The album immediately sounds off strongly, with cuts “Let’s Roll”, and the absolutely scorching “Welcome to Bucktown USA” featuring Scratch of the Roots and Supreme of the Reps. “Had it up 2 Here” the song, is a lyrical phrase the BCC uses on all releases of their albums. In this case, the track is the illest, and will have your neck snapping in all directions at once.

Funny thing is, most of the tracks on this album have a tendency to do that to you. You’ll find yourself seriously bobbing thanks to great sound. “Ice Skate” and “Think Back” are two exemplary notables. The production is slick all around with Dru HA, and Buckshot taking center stage, aided by The Alchemist, Beatminerz, Baby Paul, Hi-Tek, Bink!, Curt Cazal, Coptic, and Ty Deals.

Minus select mediocre entries on the album, this is easily Boot Camp Clik’s finest hour. Hardcore fans of the BCC will not be disappointed; what with the exceptional production and great lyrics, this album has a little something for everyone, making it an easy recommendation. Hopefully, the BCC finally get the recognition they deserve and become one of “The Chosen Few” to still be a success in the game after all these years.