Mac Miller – “Delusional Thomas” (Mixtape Review)  DX Consensus: “EP-Worthy”

It’s very clear the Mac Miller currently residing in Southern California isn’t the same Mac Miller who recorded K.I.D.S. One listen to Mac’s album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, and it becomes apparent the influence of the So Cal scene has helped the young Pittsburgh native develop as an artist. While Mac has developed Larry Fisherman—his alter ego who appears on production—Delusional Thomas is apparently a new alter ego, who sounds like Mac Miller rapping off helium. While Larry Fisherman does a great job of providing the soundscapes for the clearly Halloween-themed project, the content (or lack thereof) is sure to turn some away, while appealing to another crowd that Mac Miller, doesn’t appeal to.

”Delusional Thomas” could be labeled as Horror-core. References to extreme violence, constant challenges to Christianity and jokes about offering up younger nephews to Michael Jackson for sex are sure to remind listeners to the earlier works of Odd Future. On “05.72” Mac, or, Thomas, raps, “Continue to, spread diseases with my AIDS infected penis / Putting seeds inside of bitches, giving birth to retarded fetuses / I’ve yet to witness success with less of a gimmick, it’s either fun, happy, festive / Or evil anti-religious…” While Thomas occasionally speaks seriously about the life of Mac Miller, it’s hard to take any song serious that concludes with “My dick is booty scented” as “05.72” does.

While Thomas maintains the level of skill with words Mac has developed over time, it’s the choice of words that Is likely to leave listener’s questioning Thomas’ maturity. Meanwhile, the new and improved Earl Sweatshirt appears on “Bill” stealing the show. Over a slow, key-driven beat, Sweatshirt raps, “My main and my ex screaming like it’s a habit / I move immune in between ‘em because I’m diplomatic / Catch me in your city passive, cleaning up my shitty act / And bitches say them gritty raps be making up for shit he lacking / Sixes and them kitty cats, that got him missing Jerry’s Thomas / Burpin’ words that’s hotter than the pocket where he carry chronic / Very awesome so spare the comments, I’m bi-coastal / Paid and chugging forties you niggas can keep your wine toasting.”

Mac Miller appears as a guest on “Grandpa Used To Carry A Flask,” the final track on the project. Thomas kicks some of his best raps in the presence of Miller, and for listeners who can make it through nine other tracks of the helium based Delusional Thomas, it’s definitely one of the highest moments of the project. Thomas raps, “What’s the purpose of everything, who the fuck cares / We run scared, ‘cause nothing fair, and we don’t become aware / Pretend it don’t exist / Ignorance, the only bliss / I think it’s me, well I hope it is / But no kids and no responsibilities / I’m writing soliloquies, and transcend visually / The intelligent idiots, who never be serious / ‘Cause the world around is fucked up, so we’d rather get fucked up…”

Dealing with Delusional Thomas’ voice is a battle in itself, and after dealing with that, the occasional bouts of immaturity can be trying. For those that can get past both of those flaws, “Delusional Thomas” is worth some listens. Mood-setting production from Larry Fisherman, and decent rhymes from Delusional Thomas make for a decent project, although a Larry Fisherman and Mac Miller project probably would have been better.