Bridging The Gap is indeed an appropriate name for the eclectic sophomore album by these West Coast innovators. True to their original formula the Peas have maintained their mellow, organic sound.

Bridging The Gap is successful in doing exactly as its name suggests, it bridges the crossover between underground and mainstream Hip Hop. Creativity is an issue that takes center stage on this disc. This begins with the very first song, the beautiful, guitar laced Premier produced single, BEP Empire. Weekends, is an energetic ode to the weekend party aesthetic. The infectious hook sung by Esthero is so catchy that it will be irresistible to keep yourself from humming it for hours after listening to the track. In fact there are too many terrific tracks to mention here. Unfortunately, there are a number of false steps such as the tiresome Release, and a couple of weak hooks. But for the most part listening pleasure is guaranteed. The musical interludes are so good that in some cases you will wish that they were complete tracks.

Simply put, Bridging The Gap can be played from beginning to end again and again.