Odd Future’s success as Hip Hop’s zany underdog story of the past two years is largely attributed to their work ethic, rebellious imagery and understated mission to make consistently quality music. Domo Genesis is amongst the crew’s lead benefactors, officially thrust into the ranks of Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa with 2010’s stoner Rap release Rolling Papers. Following teammate Hodgy Beats’ EP from earlier this year, Domo is the latest to work with the steadily grinding producer The Alchemist, combining forces for the collaborative project No Idols.

Domo Genesis is continually intent on making something of his decision to leave college, as No Idols is the latest showcase for his fostered talents. Removed from the shock and awe tactics commonly associated with his collective, he aims to make strides purely on the merits of skill, a determination displayed on the aptly titled opener “Prophecy.” Lyrical gymnastics go into full swing with “Elimination Chamber” (a posse cut featuring Action Bronson, Vince Staples and the heavily clamored for Earl Sweatshirt) as Domo’s opening bars “Oh so cocky you cant stop me in this old Versace/nigga watch me in the streets like it’s roller hockey” represent a confidence and clever wit found throughout the 33-minute set. Alchemist proves to be a perfect foil behind the boards, complementing the young rapper with a range that includes the boom bap of the SpaceGhostPurrp collaboration “The Daily News” and Rock guitars reminiscent of Dipset on the Smoke DZA assisted “Power Ballad.” The common thread between Domo Genesis, Alchemist and most of their guests is the love of marijuana, a theme fully fleshed out as Domo personifies his relationship with the green leaf on “Me And My Bitch.”

No Idols is a short but sweet roller coaster ride celebrating Domo Genesis and his ongoing pursuit of stardom. With its final two songs, the spirit of victory is conveyed through the celebratory horns of “The Feeling” and Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator’s show stealing appearance on the project’s title track. Altogether, Domo Genesis possesses a growing technical ability that has only been sharpened thanks to the chemistry with Alchemist heard here.

DX Consenus: “Free Album” (the highest possible praise for a mixtape).

Listen to No Idols by Domo Genesis and the Alchemist