Following the deluge of groups and members coming out of ATL, KAGE is bringing it with his 4th release entitled “Big Big“. With a quick visit to the website emblazoned on the back of the CD, you can read a quick bio on KAGE and listen to some of the tracks on his album. It’s obvious that KAGE has enamored his target audience and knows exactly what he has to deliver to them to make them happy. His sound is very sharp, and the production is tight, even if it does all sound so familiar.

Bounce Dat Ass“,”How You Wont Cho Block“, “Loud Pipes” are titillating, bass heavy tracks, with solid production and lyrics. “Baby Glock” is a keyboard intensive track where KAGE is giving accountings of the gangsta life style and what it takes to stay ahead in the game. The prevalence of the organ in the groovy track “Hand Lat” is tight and indicitive of the overall panache of this album. The hard “Close da Door” and “Hoodie Girl” punctuate the existing theme of this record which is money, power, girls, and fame.

Kage’s “Big Big” is an album that follows a tried and true formula that is mostly cliché in the Hip Hop biz: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. What’s good for the goose is definitely good enough for KAGE, and he does an admirable job of imitating the hottest sounds that will make headz bounce. We just all have to think big big.