Fresh off the heels of the Living Legends release, “Almost Famous”, crewmembers Sunspot and PSC known as Mystik Journeymen prepare to release their new album. “Magic” is set to drop on May 20 and features guest appearances from Grouch, Murs, Me’Shell N’Degecello, Scarub, Marlboro Man and Bicasso. The crew has been strictly independent for the past six years and has built a worldwide following touring all over the U.S and Europe. The creative freedom they enjoy is prevalent in their approach and musical style within the arena of today’s hip hop.
“It’s the benefit of being totally indie,” says group member, Sunspot regarding creative freedom. “We only rely on ourselves so we aren’t beholden to a label or effected by the industry woes.” As quoted from a reliable internet source.

The pulse of conscience Hip-Hop is alive and well, and Mystik Journeymen are carrying the torch. The album is rife with song titles that have positive overtones. Track names such as “Moonprayer” which states that “money rules everything/ except what you let it rule…” and goes on to discuss the terrorist bombings and the reaction of the American Government and the effect on the world. “God’s Hands” which states “rappin’ makes them treat you better/ but it don’t make you better peoples/pretending to be nothing but who I am/ pretending to see inner peace in God’s Hands…” Rounding off the distinctly constructive titling of the album’s songs are “Truth” and “Meditate”.

Mystik Journeymen have a way with words, and their thought provoking lyrics and tight production is rampant on this album. Their appealing samples and beats are refreshing and inventive. Even the liner notes are tightly produced. Littered with uplifting messages throughout just like the album, the liner notes are inspirational. Go your own path, control destiny [find magic inside you], and believe in challenge are all statements extrapolated from the insert. Even the interludes are revitalizing such as the previously mentioned “Meditate”. The song is basically an East Indies instrumental with vocals chanting Magic throughout.

This great album is a definite progression of style and sound for Mystik Journeymen. … With the guest appearances, scrupulous lyrics, and meticulous work in the production department, this CD is tight as hell. An absolute must for any Legends or Bay Area Hip-hop fan. In fact,”Magic” is an absolute must for all Hip Hop fans and comes highly recommended.