For those that prefer to spend their Friday evenings in front of the tube, they may be familiar with a show called ‘Dark Angel‘. The show, which was created and produced by James Cameron of Titanic fame; has enjoyed a modicum of success over the couple of years it has been on the air. The Fox network is canceling the show for next Fall’s slate, but not before releasing a promotional tie-in. The promo is a CD, entitled ‘Dark Angel‘; notwithstanding the tag: “The Original TV Series Soundtrack”. Depending on who’s listening, the album is a definite hit or miss.

I regards to misses, the “Dark Angel Theme” from Public Enemy; is very PB, but that’s not necessarily an endearing trait in this case. A bland track when all things are considered. MC Lyte drops “No Dealz“, with a scintillating baseline accompanied with a banjo, but the hook is ridiculous. MC Lyte still lends her old school flavor to the lyrics, but overall, unimpressive. Samantha Cole’s “Bring it to Me” vocal treatment are nothing short of causing one to be squeamish. Her ear-splitting candy pop lyrics are not easy on the hearing, especially in the context of this album. “Moving with U” Q-Tip, sounding like he’s picking up right where he left off with “Vivrant Thang“; similar sound, same uninteresting resonance. Foxy Brown’s “Candy” is here. Up tempo, with the guitar riff background, and peculiar, off kilter hook with Kelis. Not a favorite, which you’ve all heard before.

The relative good: “The Life” with Mystic is fantastical, stupendous, uplifting. And that piano riff; wow; mystic’s voice, ’nuff said. Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique’s “Something About This Music” contains Rude’s usual insightful lyrical content, and meandering bass-y voice on an average methodical beat. “Things I’ve Seen” by Spooks is weighted down by its hook and female vocalist. However, he does a great ODB impression in front of an impresario beat. Overall nice sounding track.

The album closes with two mediocre female vocalists singing tracks. The One, and the remix of Bring It to Me. Ho-hum.

If you’re picking up the disinterest in the written voice of this intrepid reviewer, don’t be alarmed. The lack of direction this album has, as well as a crop of pedestrian tracks lent to it leaves a dry taste in the mouth. If your a big fan of the show and must have all things related to Dark Angel, then by all means cop this album. Otherwise, there really is no reason to pick this one up. Even if I was a genetically-enhanced 18-year-old girl who escapes from a lab project and works for a messenger service in the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest…