Love him or hate him but you CAN’T ignore the hold that Combs AKA Puff Daddy AKA P Diddy has on music today. The D, the I, the D, the D, the Y is back again with the first in his series of remix albums and it is titled “We Invented The Remix”.

In the past, diddy has been responsible for some of the most influential remixes that have had us breaking our necks, e.g. Meth and Mary’s ‘All I Need’ (Puffy’s Mix), Mariah and ODB’s ‘Fantasy remix’ and the 112 remix of ‘Only You’ featuring Biggie. Although these are a few from his past, his Bad Boy fam pushes the remix game furtherfor the future.

With appearances by the entire Bad Boy roster, other artists such as Ludacris, Ginuwine, Usher, Busta Rhymes, MOP and many more show love. And to be honest, you’ve probably heard these tracks before but never been that interested in them and that’s how this album seems to go.

The odd stand out tracks include ‘Bad Boy 4 Life’ featuring Busta Rhymes and MOP, Ashanti’s remix ‘Unfoolish’ featuring Biggie’s 1st verse from Fuckin’ You Tonight. Also, the pounding bass of 112’s ‘Dance With Me’ featuring Beanie Siegel and ‘Peaches and Cream’ featuring Ludacris, which seems to be linked onto the end of Dance With Me. ‘I Need A Girl’ featuring Usher and Loon sounds like Aaliyah’s Rock The Boat is nice as well.

The biggest track is the Faith Evans remix of ‘You Get No Love’ featuring G Dep and lifts a sample from the Eurythmics classic Sweet Dreams and uses it in a haunting way.

But the Diddy man can only go so far before it starts sounding boring. Lifting old Biggie verses and rehashing old songs with even older samples is Bad Boy’s way of life and is what has carried them to such prominence.

With the problems surrounding the label at the moment, Diddy seems to be getting all he can get and unfortunately, he seems to be cluthching at straws.