In the world of multifaceted talents, there are few entertainment powerhouses that have been as commercially successful as Jamie Foxx. As a comedian, actor, music producer, and singer, he has acquired Academy and Grammy awards and placed himself among the industry’s elite. With Best Night of My Life Foxx carries on his tradition of vocal abilities and continues to try his hand at self-producing some of his songs. 

Jamie excels at versatility on his latest LP, offering up club tracks, Hip Hop features to appeal to the Rap demographic, songs for the lovers, and tunes for pained hearts. While this is a plus in the sense that it will appeal to many different tastes, it’s also a detriment to the project since a listener’s own personal taste or mood will most likely cause them to have a few tracks that they won’t mind skipping. The star of the show is the radio friendly, Drake-assisted “Fall For Your Type” , produced by Noah “40” Shebib. The drum-heavy slow jam sees Jamie wondering why he always places a little bit of hope into the same type of woman, despite the fact that he always gets hurt, as Drake comes in with his signature sing-songy rap to back up Foxx’s point. 

Listeners looking for something a little more fast paced to dance to will take pleasure in tracks like “Freak,” featuring Grammy Award-winning Rico Love, and “Yep Dats Me” , featuring Ludacris and Soulja Boy. The former has an infectious, Electro-Pop feel to it, laden with synths as a backdrop for the duo’s search for a kinky-minded woman. “Yep Dats Me” has a distinctive Southern feel to it, and understandably so considering the features employed for the project. The track seems dedicated to the “oh, you fancy huh?” type ladies in the club, and Luda comes through with some much appreciated bars to counter the Soulja Boy hook as he spits lines such as, “That’s me up in that drop top, yeah you know I’m flexin’ / Yeah I’m comin’ suited and booted like I’m the X-Men / Night crawlin’ Luda, cruising in that Maybach / I’m comin’ down the street up in the Kawasaki 1400, lookin’ like Cyclops.” 

Additional lyrical features from Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, and T.I. may prove enough to garner interest in Best Night of My Life from Rap fans, and the album offers up undeniably solid R&B music. With tracks like “15 Minutes” to slow things down for those romantic moments, and an upbeat song such as “All Said And Done” to keep things moving along at a decent pace, Jamie Foxx’s LP is a pleasant addition to the current R&B landscape.