When MTV decided to kick off their Real World series in NY, they included two token black members (to make up the multi-racial numbers supposedly). One was opinionated journalist and author Kevin Powell and the equally loud, aspiring rapper Heather B.

From there, her career all but disappeared after lackluster release after lackluster release but the female KRS-One (as she has been compared in the past) is back with her new album Eternal Affairs. Executive produced by Commissioner Gordon and Heather, the album’s 12 tracks sound like hip hop music but five years ago. But good music is still good music and that is apparent here.

Production, which is 100% raw hip hop, is handled by DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Luis “Sabor” Tineo, Buddah & Shamallo and Commissioner Gordon, who also co-produces seven tracks. And features also include Nature, Horse (of Nas’ Bravehearts), Kenny Latimore, Pete Rock and Renee Neufuille of Zhane. When it came to choosing the best tracks, problems began. Because they are all blue flame hot!

Steady Rocking“, produced by Primo is a hot track that I HAD to mention. Others include “You Going Down“, “Gotta Love Me” and “Nobody Knows You“. The title track, Eternal Affairs comes on a Lauryn Hill vibe with a Roots feel to it.Bringing up the rear are Young, gifted and Black which I swear has an essence of Mobb Deep dripping from it.

In the female rap game, many will say that Rah Digga is holding the crown (you can’t deny it) but with this album, it seems like their is a new contender for the rulership (get it?).

It has been a while since a woman’s album has come with beats and thought provoking lyrics to back them up. But Heather B, as underrated as she is, should garner the respect that she so rightly deserves.