The South is living large in the rap game based on the successes of other South rappers. It seems that because of this success, every individual that comes from the area is either starting there own record label, or signing their relatives to deals to rap on albums on the aforementioned labels created. Crunknation Entertainment is one such group, and their protege’s Dem Nation Boyz have released an album entitled “Ready 4 Drama“. Dem Nation Boyz may be wise to heed the album title and to be ready for the drama if headz hear this in its current form.

Now that’s not to say that the group is talentless and that the album is no good. It’s just really rough. But lets start with the good. The intro is a brash, in your face prelude to the proceedings. The title track from of the album “Ready 4 Drama” is a catchy tune, and sits firmly above average. A few other tracks that this reviewer was quite impresssed with were: “Cold of a Killa” which features nice tandem rhyming, and is reminiscent of Bone Thugs in Harmony, “Crunknation on Mine“, as well as “Da Catburgulars” which is a really tight track and is easily the most well produced song on the album.

Things start to go south [ironically], with ear bleeders such as “Get it Crunk“, which has the most annoying and grating conclusion to a track ever. Or “By this time next year“, another disjointed, and disappointing song. You can’t help feeling that when this group went into the studio, all that was available to use was a casio keyboard and a tape recorder. Lyrics over the beats sound hollow, the tracks are excessively long, and the skits are ridiculously laughable. In most cases the members of Dem Nation boyz sound like children playing while using the “N” word excessively.

Now in all fairness, this is the first album by the group, and even Master P had to make a first album before he got the Midas touch. If the playaz from Crunknation need this advice and let their product simmer until its polished, they could be polishing their new Bentleys from all the cash money they’ll collect from releasing a better album.