“Regulators mount up!”

These were the words that introduced the world to Warren G. no one saw Regulate blow up like it did and with Nate Dogg’s vocals, the track was an instant hit. But Warren couldn’t keep the flow going. Two albums later and more label changes than Mack 10 and Warren G, the G child, is back with his new album, The Return of the Regulator. And his funk precedent is in full effect on this album and it is welcome.

Dr. Dre’s half brother crammed 16 tracks with production from Soopafly, Dre and Warren himself and many features, including Nate Dogg, W.C, Kokane, Soopafly, Mista Grimm, funk’s Supernatural being George Clinton and the long awaited revival of 213 (Snoop, Nate Dogg and Warren G).

Its been good that Warren has now become a familiar face again in the west coast as his music has become resourceful as he digs into his funk history.

Banging tracks include “Here Comes Another Hit” featuring Nate Dogg and Mister Grimm, which immediately grabs and holds your attention with its Southern influenced bounce aspect. Also, “Speed Dreamin” featuring the Lord of funk George Clinton and Mista Grimm with its G – funk double beat. The most pleasant on the ears is the track “Ghetto Village“, which is produced by Warren himself and is so funky, you cant help but get up and shake something.

Unluckily for Warren though, the number of unnecessary album fillers over shadows the number of memorable tracks. The lyrics and beats become monotonous and make Warren’s choice of lyrical content to become overused.

On the whole, Warren G’s album is a nice one, but it drags as the end comes near. But a number of tracks will grow on you and with a supporting cast of such stellar performers, Warren has got the support he needs to bring some funk flavour back to the West coast.