Scarface is an
incredibly complex individual. His rap career may have begun with the
controversial and inflammatory Geto Boys
but by no means does this suggest that he is relegated to merely penning
gangsta tales. Scarface‘s newest is
an extremely personal composition.

The title track finds him contemplating his own birth, and the sacrifices that
his mother made in order to give him life. Look
Me In My Eyes
is a journey through a dark period of his life; a time that
included Scarface being diagnosed as
being mentally ill.

Erick Sermon contributes his notable
funk beats to Face‘s baritone flow
to make the laid back It Ain’t Part 2.
UGK appear on the latest rendition
of the classic BDP cut Still #1 with They Down With Us which comes off without a hitch. Throughout the
fifteen tracks Scarface consistently
rises to the occasion, especially when he’s joined by a colleague. Redman appears on the entertaining And Yo, and surprisingly Jay-Z and Scarface display remarkable musical chemistry on Get Out.

To sum it all up, other than a few lackluster tracks Scarface has again proven that he is one of the most interesting
artists in the music industry.