Training Day is
out in theatres and is enjoying a modest run of box office success. Can’t say
the same will happen with this album. Another ho-hum movie soundtrack, it’ll be
long forgotten like so many movie soundtracks that clutter your local CD store.

I would like to take this opportunity to make it clear – I have a definitive
abhorrent biased against movie based soundtracks released circa late 90’s and
beyond. In the case of Training Day,
the usual trend is evident. Grab the hottest artist respective to the genre of
the movie [in this case hip hop], and have him/her do a song that appeals to
the masses. Nelly got the honor in
this case, but here’s where Training Day
takes a twist. A lot of big name rappers and headz have contributed to this
album. Names like Dre and Quik, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monch, Gangstarr, and Cypress Hill are all over this CD.

The Nelly [#1], track is on some
terrible shit. ‘Nuff said. The main issue I have with this soundtrack is that
minus a handful of tracks, the contributions are incredibly mediocre. Standouts
include: W.O.L.V.E.S by Krumbsnatcha featuring M.O.P., Put it on me by Dr. Dre
and DJ Quik, and the Pharoahe Monch track entitled Fuck you. The rest of the album which I
won’t bother to mention, leaves very much to be desired. Very disappointing and

Avoid wasting the money on this album at all costs. You would be better served
going to your local cinema and spending the money on the movie and maybe a
drink. A movie is what – 20 bucks a ticket nowadays?