Three and a half years ago CNN dropped a bombshell on the rap world in the form of their debut
War Report. Now with The Reunion they are attempting to
re-ignite the fire they had their first time around.

CNN fans will be happy to learn that
Capone and Noreaga still have good lyrical chemistry, and haven’t been tainted
by success they’ve had even in the least; they are just as thugged out as in
the beginning. The best track on the album comes courtesy of the magnificent DJ Premiere who lends his touch on Invincible. The dark sounding, Alchemist produced Bang Bang features Foxy
in the top cameo appearance of the year. It is here that Foxy finally responds to Lil’ Kim‘s disses in a scathing verse
of her own. B Ez featuring Nas, and Queens Finest, collaboration with Mobb Deep are both excellent, and will surely please any CNN fan. Other good tracks are the
prison inspired Phonetime, and the
upbeat All We Got Is Us. Sadly, many
of the other tracks lack the intensity that the duo displayed on their debut.

Songs like Gangsta Skit, You Can’t Kill Me, and the ridiculous Gunz In Da Air are a waste of time if
listened to. Overall, The Reunion is
a mediocre album, not bad but not great either. One thing is for sure, The Reunion isn’t comparable to its
outstanding predecessor The War Report.