Trae tha Truth has helped to restore a woman’s home following her arrest for an unpaid garbage service bill of around $78.

The Houston native has come to the aid of an 82-year-old Alabama woman who was arrested last November for failure to pay a $77.80 trash bill. He and the woman would eventually meet up the following month, where he treated her to a shopping spree.

But his good deeds don’t end there — On Friday (March 24), Trae shared that after visiting her home, he noticed her house was in dire need of repairs, and decided to help her out. The rapper teamed up with BEL Furniture of Houston for $15,000 worth of furnishings — including a queen size bed, full couch with several recliners, dressers, and more.

“Made it Back To Valley Alabama To Bless Mrs. Martha Menefield…. Stay Tuned…. Luv @reliefgang @angelbynatureorg,” he wrote in the post’s caption.

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Last November, after the woman (real name Martha Menefield) hadn’t responded to repeated attempts to contact her, an arrest warrant for her was issued after she failed to appear in court for a citation from two months prior. In bodycam footage obtained by TMZ, while Menefield was being arrested outside her home, an officer could be overheard laughing, perhaps regarding the absurdity of the crime.

Menefield was charged with failure to pay solid waste fees. The elderly woman quickly sparked sympathy from others after video of the incident surfaced online.

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Trae has plans to keep renovations coming. The rapper is apparently looking to work with a company that can help repair the foundation of her home, provide her residence with central heat and air conditioning, and eventually get her a car.

This is just the latest example of  Trae tha Truth offering to help those in need. Last September, he visited Jackson, Mississippi to assist families amid the water crisis happening throughout the state.

The rapper took to Instagram to highlight his trip to Jackson and the families he met there that need clean water sources, as they’ve been dealing with the crisis for over 20 years.

“Jackson Mississippi , Its Messed Up Watchin Yall Go Thru this… We heard YOU loud and clear! We Here… Any Families In Need Tapp In,” Trae captioned his post.

Another post showed video footage of the trip and Trae speaking with the families as well as helping install water filters in various homes. One woman recalled always having to boil water ever since she was a child, while a news reporter detailed the efforts to bring clean water to “150,000” residents of Jackson, Mississippi.

“Sending Luv To Jackson Mississippi,” Trae captioned his second post. “We only been seeing the water situation for past Weeks, Truth is They Been Dealing With This 20 years Plus… Anyone Who want to help or want to try to assist, they can honestly Use All The Support… Luv.”