Tory Lanez’s lawyer has attempted to prove his client is innocent of shooting Megan Thee Stallion by claiming the “5-foot-2” rapper wasn’t tall enough to be the gunman.

Closing arguments in the felony assault trial began on Wednesday (December 21), during which Tory’s defense attorney, George Mgdesyan, provided a comical moment in court by claiming the diminutive rapper is too short to have shot Megan from out of a window of a Cadillac Escalade during the alleged July 2020 incident.

“There was a light moment for Tory Lanez today during his lawyer’s closing,” Law & Crime reporter Meghann Cuniff tweeted. “Mgdesyan referenced his height, saying he’s ‘what, 5-foot-2’ and ‘I don’t even know if he can get over the door to shoot.'”

Tory — who declined to take the witness stand during Wednesday’s session — apparently didn’t take offense to his lawyer’s comment, though. “Lanez laughed for a bit over that one,” Cuniff added.

Elsewhere in his closing argument, which will conclude on Thursday morning (December 22), Mgdesyan claimed the prosecution’s case is “full of holes” and “speculation,” while scrutinizing Megan Thee Stallion’s testimony from last week.

The lawyer questioned Megan’s claim that she has gone through “torture” since accusing Tory of shooting her, claiming his client is the true victim. He also pointed to Meg’s admission that she lied about not being intimate with Lanez prior to the shooting.

“How do you believe anything Megan Pete says, ladies and gentlemen? And keep in mind reasonable doubt,” Mgdesyan told the jury. “My client is being falsely accused. Megan Pete is a liar. She lied about everything in this case.”

The prosecution’s closing argument, meanwhile, focused on Megan’s testimony, in which she tearfully recounted the events before and after the shooting that left her with bullet fragments in her feet.

“This is the critical question in this case: Was Meg telling the truth that afternoon?” Deputy District Attorney Alexander Bott asked the jury. “I think everybody in this courtroom knows the answer to that question.”

He added: “If you believe Megan and what she said last Tuesday, this case is over. We’re done. If you believe Megan, that’s enough.”

Tory Lanez Assault Trial: Witness Testifies Seeing Muzzle Flashes: 'I Saw The Girl Shoot First'

Tory Lanez Assault Trial: Witness Testifies Seeing Muzzle Flashes: 'I Saw The Girl Shoot First'

Once closing arguments have wrapped, jurors are expected to be given approximately 47 items of evidence to pore over, including audio of the 911 call, home security footage featuring the gunshots and videos of Megan on the ground after the police stop. A verdict is expected in the coming days.

Tory Lanez faces three charges in connection with the shooting: felony assault with a semiautomatic firearm, possession of a concealed, unregistered firearm and discharging a firearm with gross negligence. He has pleaded not guilty to all three.

If convicted, the Toronto-born rapper faces up to 22 years and eight months behind bars, as well as subsequent deportation to Canada.