Talib Kweli and Madlib have teamed up once again and are gearing up to bring fans a sequel to their 2007 joint album, Liberation.

Much like the first album that dropped as a free download from Stones Throw’s Rappcats website, Liberation 2 will be released in a unique way. Instead of appearing on typical streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, the project will only be available on subscription podcast network Luminary.

In a press release, Talib explained that he and Madlib have been working on the album for the last decade.

“This album was written, recorded and mixed over 10 years,” Talib said. “It’s expansive in concept but tight in its substance and approach. People today are taking stock of what is most important – family, health, wellness, love.

“The materialism and debauchery that is stereotypically associated with Hip Hop has lost some of its luster,” he continued. “Madlib and I have been consistent in our messaging. Never has there been a better time for such honest, message-driven music that pays tribute to the sounds that came before us.”

He added: “Our partnership with Luminary allows us to retain ownership, allowing us to create an exclusive experience for listeners. I’m excited to be at the forefront of Luminary’s foray into the music space, and we have a chance to change the industry for the better with the release of this album.”


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Ahead of the March 6 release, the pair dropped their first single off the project. “After These Messages” featuring Talib’s son, Amani.

The project arrives just months after Talib accused Madlib’s longtime business partner Eothen “Egon” Alapatt of stealing MF DOOM’s rhyme book among a series of other allegations.

Sharing a screenshot of an email Egon had sent him as well as a few other related pics, Kweli wrote in an August Instagram post: “One day the hiphop community is going to have to discuss what a lying, stealing, conniving culture vulture Eothen Apalatt AKA Egon from Now Again Records is.”

“This is a non Black person who routinely takes advantage of Black artists and brags about it,” he added.

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Kweli then talked about how a discussion needs to be had about how Egon allegedly tried to take advantage of J Dilla’s mother and “block” the release of Black Star’s most recent album, No Fear of Time.

The post’s final claim saw Kweli accuse Egon of stealing a rhyme book belonging to the late MF DOOM. Egon allegedly refuses to give the book to DOOM’s family.

While it’s unclear if there was an update in the matter, it seemingly didn’t sour things between Madlib and Talib Kweli.