Southside has learned that he’s terrible at bowling, and was told by a friend that he should “stick to producing” after almost destroying his lane.

The incident transpired during a fun night out for the 808 Mafia leader, with Southside getting visibly upset as his friend taunts him.

“I ain’t gonna lie bro, that n-gga need to stick to fucking producing ’cause bowling ain’t it,” his friend says as Southside grabs a bowling ball and calls him a “bitch” in the process.

South then launches the ball into the air, missing his lane entirely as the ball smashes into a neighboring lane.

“That n-gga ass! How you throw it in a whole other lane? That ain’t even your lane,” his friend exclaims.


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While Southside merely dropped one new track in 2022 titled “Hold That Heat” with Travis Scott and Future, his music output is about to significantly increase in 2023. In an interview with Ebro Darden last year, Metro Boomin’ revealed he’s crafting an album with Southside as part of their Neptunes-inspired production duo, So Icey Boyz.

“That’s my twin,” Metro said of Southside. “So Icey Boyz, that’s our production duo inspired by the whole Neptunes concept. That’s one of those things. I got a lot of stuff lined up, like this Heroes & Villains, after the hiatus. I spilled the beans, but yeah, So Icey Boyz, that’s going to be incredible.”

Southside Challenges Kodak Black To A Fight: 'You Still A Bitch'

The super producer also took a moment in November to share his thoughts on a viral video that showed a white male teacher berating his son and telling him white people are the superior race. The disturbing video caused a lengthy response from Southside, who said he would “stand up for his child” at all costs.

“Every one knows my son @babysizzle808 I’m raising him to be strong and to voice his opinion no matter what,” Southside wrote in his caption. “He called me the other day and said dad I have a c im trying to get my grade up but my teacher is a racists I thought he was trying to say because of his grade so today he sends me these videos this man told my child his race is superior.”

He continued: “I don’t understand how we’re still in a world where I kno I am probably more intelligent I have accomplished way more in life than this guy legally my son Wants a education and he is being denied that this shit is sad this is in Austin Texas this hurts my heart to see this I’m so angry I’m loss for words but I will stand up for my child and the other black and Spanish kings and queens in this video.”


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