NBA YoungBoy has reportedly married his long-time girlfriend Jazz Mychelle, who joined the rapper on the cover for his 2022 mixtape Ma’ I Got a Family.

While neither has confirmed their nuptials online, a copy of a Utah County marriage license baring their full names — Kentrell Gaulden and Jazlyn Mychelle Hayes — surfaced on social media on Sunday (January 8).

The license did not indicate whether a wedding ceremony was performed, nor when the license was obtained.

According to the Utah County website, the state does not require couples to wait a certain amount of time prior to getting married; but it is advised that the license be obtained 10-14 days prior to the wedding. The site further states that a ceremony must be completed within 32 days from the date the marriage license was issued.

NBA YoungBoy and Jazz Mychelle, who have been dating for just over two years, welcomed their eldest daughter Alice in 2021 and announced the birth of their son on September 28, 2022. The children are YoungBoy’s ninth and tenth offspring respectively.

The previous February, Philadelphia-based Shyne Jewelers flaunted a stunning engagement ring the Baton Rouge rapper apparently purchased for his lady on Instagram. Boasting 30 karats of GIA-certified diamonds, the ring features a giant diamond surrounded by dozens of smaller glistening stones.

Just last month, NBA YoungBoy said he plans to move his whole family to Europe, and that he plans to “stack” some serious cash to make that happen. In a short post on Instagram, YoungBoy said he wants to put everything the United States has to offer behind him.

“We got to stay prayed up I really want to move Europe with my family once all of this put behind me,” he wrote on his Story. “I’m stacking money until then!!”

NBA YoungBoy admittedly has a lot to put behind him, including some newfound issues with Bobby Shmurda, which started a few weeks ago when they began sparring online over comments Rowdy Rebel had made about Quando Rondo affiliate Lul Tim, who has been accused of killing King Von in November 2020.

While YoungBoy pushed back on Rebel’s claims and supported Lul Tim and Quando Rondo’s camp, Shmurda joined in the discussion and dissed both NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo on Instagram Live.

NBA YoungBoy Lands Amazon Radio Show Ahead Of New Album

YoungBoy and Shmurda then began trading vicious jabs on social media. Tensions hit a boiling point when Shmurda claimed he was ready to “boom” the Top rapper, along with Wack 100 and Akademiks.

While tensions fizzled for the time being time, on December 23, YoungBoy reignited his beef with Shmurda on the third episode of his YoungBoy Never Broke Again radio show on Amazon’s App platform. During the episode, Blueface made an appearance and asked the Baton Rouge rapper about his apparent beef with the New York rapper.

Beefs aside, YoungBoy also had a lot of reasons to celebrate in 2022. He just dropped off a new project called Lost Fileshis eighth full-length release of 2022 and the follow-up to October’s Ma’ I Got a Family.

The rapper was at one point flirting with the idea of dropping 10 mixtapes this year, before admitting last month he “ran out of rhymes.”