Mike Dean has called Consequence a clown after the rapper decided to pass on obtaining production from the super producer.

On Tuesday (March 28), a fan tweeted out a screenshot of an Instagram comment in which another fan suggested that Cons should seek out the Grammy Award-winning producer for drums on his latest track “Disappointed.”

Consequence responded to the fan’s comment by saying: “Nah I’m straight on dat.”

Dean caught wind of the tweets and hit back at Consequence by writing: “I’m good too. Thanks.” When another fan commented on how “weird” the rapper has been acting lately, the producer responded with a clown emoji.

Kanye West’s former longtime producer and engineer also left three trash emojis under a fan page in February that posted Consequence’s fiery track aimed at those who have turned their back on Ye.

After he dropped the song, the former G.O.O.D. Music signee allegedly posted audio of a phone call between him and Pusha T.

On the song “Disappointed,” which was released last month, Consequence rapped about how quick Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music signees were to disappear when things got tough, despite having made loads of money thanks to the hitmaker’s talents.

“Everything I did in rap helped n-ggas get rich/ So they could trick on their bitch and put food on the table/ But when we in a crisis you can see who’s ungrateful/ The whole label ran instead of having Ye’s back/ I guess crabs in a barrel is the curse of being Black,” he spit.

Mike Dean and Consequence don’t have a substantial amount of history as collaborators, but both men have worked extensively with Ye throughout various points of his career.

The latter worked on early albums for Kanye including The College Dropout and Late Registration, while Dean has heavily contributed to most of Yeezy’s catalog as a producer and engineer.

The Houston native isn’t the only G.O.O.D. Music affiliate who has drawn the ire of Consequence lately. In January, the “Blood Stain” rapper called out Pusha T for severing ties with Ye after he made antisemitic and pro-Hitler comments.

King Push stepped down as president of G.O.O.D. Music in December after the comments were made, which he said were “wrong, period.” Pusha also revealed at the time that Ye was “not speaking to me now.”

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Kid Cudi Gets Olive Branch From Mike Dean After New Album Update

“When I see something like that, I’m conflicted, I’m disgusted,” Cons said in an interview with The Art of Dialogue. “G.O.O.D. Music is something I helped build with my bare hands…so that’s why I’m disgusted when somebody who wasn’t there from the start and [whose] situation was compromised comes along, and then when Ye is in a situation that he talked himself into — he gotta be responsible for that, 100 percent — but we not gonna stick together?”

He added: “Whether I agree with Kanye or not, it’s not the principle of that. Pusha T done told you all this street shit, and now we doing this industry shit? Nah.”

Mike Dean has also been highly critical of the Chicago rap icon, including calling him “thirsty” in October 2022 for posting his private conversations on social media.

“Posting DM and texts from folks is the single most thirsty think a person can do,” he wrote.

Consequence is currently gearing up to release his LP Nice Doing Business With You in April, while Mike Dean recently launched his own record label Apex Sound with longtime collaborator Apex Martin.