Consequence is continuing the rollout for his forthcoming Nice Doing Business With You album with a visual for the Kanye West-produced single “Blood Stain.” Filmed on a remote island off the Pacific Ocean, the video finds two different women stumbling across a man in distress. Passed out in the sand, the man is essentially left for dead by the first one, while the second woman helps him up in an effort to save his life.

“My heart was able to bleed through the pen after being confronted with life threatening circumstances, which became the inspiration for ‘BLOOD STAIN,'” Cons tells HipHopDX. “Directed by Zachary Wanerman, this visual is a metaphorical depiction of actual events that will remain a constant reminder that I will carry with me always.

“And that is…you should never share your soul with a person who would be willing to count you out. No, something that precious should only be given to someone who you can count on.”

As Consequence noted, the visual and song stem from some serious health issues he has to live with on a daily basis. In September 2020, DX attended a private listening party for an EP he was working on called Things Are Different Now. 

At the top of the virtual event, the A Tribe Called Quest affiliate (and Q-Tip’s cousin) revealed he’d been diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder lupus earlier that summer. At first, Cons — who already had Type II diabetes — said he couldn’t figure out what was going on with his health and feared it was COVID-19. But instead, he was told he had the same disease the legendary producer J Dilla battled prior to his 2006 death.

He mentioned it was “God’s will” he’s still here and he had to find a way to pick himself up off the couch and “get back to being Consequence.” His son Caiden Mills played an integral role in helping him move forward.

“He’s really my blessing from God,” he said at the time. “When it got stupid for me, he was right here like, ‘Yo, come on, you just gotta get your muscles back. Come on daddy, you can do it.’ He’s my little superstar. He definitely re-charged the Tesla for me.”

Consequence Reveals Lupus Diagnosis: 'I Have What J Dilla Had & What Phife [Dawg] Had As A Combo Happy Meal'

After his diagnosis, Consequence’s health was at an all-time low. He barely weighed over 100 pounds and people quickly assumed he was on drugs — but they were gravely mistaken.

“All my cells were on fire and that’s why I couldn’t move and shit,” he said. “I was fucked up, never in my life fucked up like this. But God’s will is God’s will. Eventually, it was discovered what it was. Literally, I’m so fucking crazy I flew to Wyoming at 107 pounds.

“I put a picture up of me and Caiden’s birthday party and I was probably like a buck-fourteen, but I was happy because I worked to get to that because I got hit with a double whammy. My diabetes went from Type II to Type 1 with the lupus ’cause I had to take steroid that runs your sugar up. Because I didn’t know none of this shit, I was still eating the same shit and it was actually melting from the inside.”

Now with a better grasp on his condition, Consequence is moving full steam ahead with Nice Doing Business With You. The release date, which was originally scheduled for this month, was pushed back. No release date has been announced. Until then, watch the “Blood Stain” video above.