Logic has given a huge shoutout to both Jack Harlow and Playboi Carti after becoming the first rapper to beat one of the most classic games of all time.

On May 15, a fan posted a screen recording of Logic on Twitch in the middle of him beating an updated version of the puzzle video game Tetris. During the stream, the Maryland rapper started shouting out both of his rap peers while attempting to contain his excitement.



“Jack Harlow is on my side!” Logic said. “Shoutout Whole Lotta Redshoutout Playboi Carti. It got me through this dog. I just beat Tetris, first rapper ever to beat Tetris all the way through, no deaths. Take dat. Rap. I can’t believe I actually did that. Real talk though.”

Logic quoted tweet the fan’s tweet by saying, “What a stream. I love you guys!”

It takes a level of skill, tenacity, and brain power to beat the updated version of the legendary arcade game, Tetris Effect: Connected, which was released in 2018. Tetris Effect adds themes and music across thirty different stages with gameplay tied to the beat of the music, white the connected version includes a new cooperative multiplayer mode.

While the Bobby Tarantino rapper gave credit to Jack Harlow and  Playboi Carti for his incredible gaming win, this isn’t the first time he’s given Carti props regarding his music.

Recently, he gave Playboi Carti his props after he listened to Whole Lotta Red for the first time while on a live stream.

Logic was in the midst of playing Fortnite when two players began chatting about Carti’s latest album, with one of them calling it the “greatest album of all time probably.”

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Jack Harlow Prefers ‘Freedom’ Of Acting To ‘Constraints’ Of Hip Hop

“What are y’all talking about?” Logic chimed in, either seemingly unaware of Whole Lotta Red or not paying close attention to the conversation.

Whole Lotta Red. You gotta tap into Whole Lotta Red, Logic. I’m so serious,” the fan replied.

“For sure,” Logic responded.



Logic then heeded the fan’s advice and checked out Playboi Carti’s project, sharing a few thoughts while listening to it on his live stream.

“Let’s see what’s up with this,” Logic said before laughing at Carti’s “I won’t stress about a bitch, that’s not my slut” line from “Rockstar Made.”

“Yo, this is dope. This shit sounds like a movie,” he added while bumping the Kanye West-assisted “Go2DaMoon.”

He went on to shout out “the homies” 808 Mafia, whose producer tag appears on “Beno!,” and concluded: “Ok cool. That shit’s dope! I’m gonna listen to the rest of the album later.”