Kid Cudi had to call on a classic 50 Cent GIF after he caught a stray in a Christian rapper’s diss track aimed toward Lil Nas X.

As previously reported, the “Old Town Road” rapper recently teased that he’s entering the Christian era of his artistry while previewing a new guitar-driven track. Many are taking issue with this because he’s openly gay – which is considered a sin by many Christian followers.



So much so, it’s compelled multiple Christian rappers to diss Lil Nas X, and while he was minding his business, Cudi got dissed in the process too.

On a song released by rapper Bryson Gray on Monday (December 4), he raps: “Trans people saying we don’t accept them — you don’t accept yourself/ Rappers like Kid Cudi put on a dress just to make some wealth/ I can’t bow down to the mob, I play the hand that I was dealt.”

Cudi caught wind of the shot soon after and retweeted it. “Catchin strays. God aint have nothing to do w this,” he wrote late Tuesday night (December 5). He attached a 50 Cent GIF to his reply that read: “What you saying fuck me for?”

Lil Nas X also commented, laughing off the fact he’s bothered other people so much by simply existing that he has multiple disses aimed at him already.

“I made one snippet about wanting god to give me hope a few days ago and already like 5 christian rappers have conceptualized, wrote, recorded, and shot music videos in their grandma’s basements for diss songs about me,” he tweeted. “we really back.”

You can see his post below:

Hours after Nas X posted the unreleased snippet on Wednesday (November 29), he responded to the backlash about his new genre of choice conflicting with his sexual orientation.

“Making christian music does not mean i can’t suck dick no more. the two are not mutually exclusive. i am allowed to get on my knees for multiple reasons,” he jabbed back while also facing those who attempt to police his artistry.

“Y’all see everything i do as a gimmick. when in reality im just an artist expressing myself in different ways. whether im a cowboy, gay, satanic, or now christian y’all find a problem! y’all don’t police nobody else art like mine. y’all hate me because im fun cute and petite.”

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Kid Cudi Hits Back At Rich Paul & Jake Paul's Cleveland Comments: 'I Disagree'

Tyrese is one such critic, taking to the comments of The Shade Room to reveal his disapproval of the new era.

“Y’all gone learn to stop playing with God … God is not to be played with … From shoes with devil signs and devils blood in the [shoe] sole?” he wrote in a comment on Friday (December 1). “We can all change I get it but I feel a way about people making a mockery about Jesus. Do you, life your life .. Do what makes you happy but yall better stop playing with Jesus out here.”



The multi-hyphenate’s comments about the “devil signs and devils blood in the [shoe] sole” refers to the 2021 controversy sparked by the “Old Town Road” rapper when he worked with MSCHF to create the “Satan Shoes” — 666 pairs of customized Nike Air Max 97s that the company claimed each contained “60 ccs of red ink and 1 drop of human blood.”

At around the same time, Nas X also dropped a Satan-themed video for his song “Montero.”