Kid Cudi has claimed that his forthcoming project will be the “Album of the Year,” and gave more details about when fans can expect new music.

Cudder took to Instagram Live on Thursday (March 9) following a satisfying studio session to talk about his “powerful” new album.

“I’ve never made a project this powerful before in my life. Sitting, listening to these mixes, I just know that this shit is going to move you,” Cudi said. “Y’all are going to fuck with this shit in such a major way and I’m so fucking excited.

“I just wanted to get on here and just let y’all know that I’m not gonna let y’all down. This is gonna be the album of the year right now, I’m not playing. This is not a fucking joke. Tell everybody you fucking know, ok?”

Cudi continued by revealing that the first single off the project will drop in June.

“June, the first single is happening. June 1, okay?” he said. “It’s not a fucking game. This shit is going down, alright? I’m back.”

On Twitter, the Man On The Moon rapper revealed that he’s also stepping behind the camera to direct the single’s accompanying music video.

“Im directing the video for my first single. Shits gonna get wild,” he tweeted, adding in a separate tweet: “I also booked a really cool tv gig that im thoroughly excited about. Very big deal to me. The blessings are overflowin. News about that soon…Some movies comin this year as well. Think about 3.”

Kid Cudi has been teasing his new for a few months now. He previously said that the project, which follows last year’s Entergalactic and 2020’s Man on the Moon III: The Chosenwould likely be his last, given the fact that he has just one more album left on his current deal with Republic Records.

“Im doin 1 more album and then im done w my deal and not sure what ima do after that but yea, 1 more,” the Cleveland native wrote on Twitter last November. “Wont be next year. Keep u posted.”

He added: “This is for all my fans that have been ridin w me for so long. This will be all new music. The songs ive teased ill prolly put out as singles here and there to hold u over.”

Cudi previously hinted at retiring during an interview Apple Music’s Zane Lowe last September, saying he’s contemplating “closing the chapter on Kid Cudi.”

Kid Cudi Gives Update On New Album & Tour: ‘The New Chapter Has Begun’

Kid Cudi Gives Update On New Album & Tour: ‘The New Chapter Has Begun’

“The Kid Cudi stuff, I think I want to put it on the back burner and chill out with that,” he said. “I think, I want to be done with it. I think, closing the chapter on Kid Cudi.

“I’ve said a lot and I have other desires, I have other things I want to do. And I do not see me never making music. I’ll always fuck around in the studio, or make something here and there. But, as far as getting in the studio and working on an album, and then going and touring it, I just don’t have it in me. I don’t have the desire.”

He continued: “I have so many other things I want to invest my time into… I really want to spend more time with my daughter. You know what I’m saying? We’ve been kicking it a lot lately and I’ve been having more time and it’s good. She’s growing up, our relationship is super tight. It’s what I always dreamed of.”

While little is known about the upcoming project, Cudder previously teased a guest appearance from Young Thug, who remains behind bars awaiting trial in the YSL RICO case.

“I got 2 songs w Thug I did last year,” Cudi tweeted in December. “1 of them goin on the new album the other he’ll use. These songs are fuckin INSANE. Im tellin u. U have no idea.”