Joey Bada$$ has offered up his services to any musical talent with piqued interest, giving them the opportunity to receive a verse from him for one month only.

On Thursday (March 30), the New York spitter posted the call-to-action on Twitter and suggested that a verse from him would be worth someone’s while.

“To all my musical friends, peers and colleagues, who have a collaborative interest, nows the time,” Joey said. “Knocking out any and all features over the next month. My pen is hot, it’s a fire sale. $$”

Joey’s tweet garnered a multitude of responses from aspiring rappers looking to get in the lab with the Pro Era MC.

One user said: “yooo i’d love to get you on this joint right here bra hope u see dis.” Another user replied: “Where do I contact u I would sell my kidneys to purchase a feature.”

Check out his tweet and additional fan reactions to the news below:

Joey Bada$$ is living up to the second half of his rap name with the recent dating rumors surrounding him and Serayah.

The Brooklyn rapper starred alongside the Empire and BMF actor in the music video for his single “Show Me,” which was released at the beginning of March. But rumors about them being an item began to circulate shortly before its release after Joey posted photos of them cozying up together on Instagram.

While speaking to Complex in a recent interview, Joey Bada$$ explained that the whole thing was to promote his video.

“We’re not [together],” he clarified. “Well, honestly, it wasn’t anything that wasn’t anticipated at first, but when we got back all the assets, like the photos, you know, I started to kind of like, ‘Oh, there’s something that could be done with these. This could tell the story.’

“So that’s kinda what I wanted to do. I knew it was gonna catch people by surprise a little bit. That was the hardest part, was kinda waiting 48 hours, to like, you know I mean? They was wilin.’”

Joey Bada$$ Delivers Dreamy Cover Of Mos Def's 'Umi Says': Watch

Joey Bada$$ Delivers Dreamy Cover Of Mos Def's 'Umi Says': Watch

In addition, the rapper/actor also revealed that he’s currently working on his next album after releasing his third LP, 2000, last summer.

Joey went on Instagram Live and said while fans shouldn’t “get their hopes up,” he wanted them to know a new project was already in the works.

“Yes, I am actively knee-deep in working on my new album, and I’m trying to get it to y’all as soon as possible,” he said to the camera. “I ain’t gonna say no dates cause I don’t wanna let you muthafuckas down and get y’all hopes up but I am working on it.”