Jim Jones was surprised with a text from New York City mayor Eric Adams this week and was asked to meet up in Harlem a whole month before their originally planned meeting.

On Wednesday (January 25), Capo took to his Instagram with a post showing himself and Eric Adams posing for a picture with backpack-clad children in Harlem. According to the caption, Jim was at home when he woke up to a text from Mayor Adams asking to meet.

Jim Jones saluted Adams for reaching out to him because the proposed meet-up came a month before they were supposed to discuss humanitarian efforts in the rapper’s hometown.

“A man of his word woke up to a text from @nycmayor askin if I can meet him in Harlem this afternoon Which was a surprise because our schedule meeting was for next month,” Jones wrote. “Thts wht I alway say stay ready so u do have to get ready. Harlem ur always on my mind n in my heart this is goin to b fun @gohardboyznyc @goharddance_harlemnyc.”

Jim Jones first met the polarizing mayor of New York City on the second night of Drake’s back-to-back shows at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York last weekend. Jimmy shared a video of the two talking in his dressing room and exchanging phone numbers.

“Got th chance to meet th @nycmayor,” Capo wrote. “Got a call from a friend said he was comin to Th concert last night and he wanted to stop by my dressing to meet me. Very fly I thought to myself I also thought to myself how can I make this introduction th most impactful.

“This my first time meetin any mayor from ny and he’s a black mayor which I’m a very proud to see someone who looks like me in a position of power and is takin th steps to help turn th city round from experience and political position.”

This isn’t the first time the self-proclaimed Hip Hop mayor has met with a rapper to discuss what’s been going on in his city. Last year, Adams announced an all-out ban on drill rap music videos after several teenagers were killed due to street violence.

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Fivio Foreign, Maino and B-Loveee reached out to Adams in February 2022 to set-up a meeting to discuss the real issues causing NYC youth to lose their lives to gun violence. Footage of the meeting landed on social media showing the rappers sitting at a table with Mayor Adams.

“It’s been a lot of talk about drill rap, drill music in New York City, connecting violence with the culture, and I just wanted to create a conversation with the mayor,” Maino said in a clip from the meeting.

“We brought Fivio here, we got young B-Lovee here, Slow and Bucks here, we got Bleezy here to talk about what’s really happening so the mayor could get a real perspective and real understanding of what drill rap is and so we could have some real dialogue and really make things happen.”