In an interview with 7 News Belize, Michael Finnegan the uncle of rapper Shyne [click to read] gave his thoughts on Shyne’s pending deportation.

“He has been released from the prison and he is being attended to or being held by the immigration authorities,”
Finnegan told 7 News Belize. “The matter will be dealt with by a well known immigration lawyer and he is being supported by Professor Overtree, you know the guy that was connected to Barack Obama campaign, well known professor, and as I understand from them while I was there yesterday, the process would want to appear to be looking kind of positive.”

Shyne [click to read] was initially supposed to be released on October 6, but was instead held by immigration and faces a possible deportation.

“I don’t know if he will be deported. I know there are legal challenges that are being made by his attorneys and I would want to believe that those matters would be able to be resolved next week or the following week. So we’ll know shortly,
” said Finnegan.

also revealed that if Shyne [click to read] were to be deported he is in the process of preparing a living quarter for his nephew.