When one speaks to Battery/Jive Records artist Chalie Boy, his small-town upbringing comes across quickly. “I’m from two small country towns, about nine miles away from each other,” explained the Texas native to HipHopDX. “My father’s from Calvert, my mother’s from Hearne. I was born in St. Joseph Hospital, right down the road. I’ve been around there my whole life. I’m real family-oriented [sic].

Still, despite that rural Central Texas upbringing, Chalie Boy has found massive regional success through his single “I Look Good.” Perhaps a stark contrast to the flamboyant music persona, Chalie deduces, “It’s influenced me. I’m down to earth, and I make real, down to earth music. I relate to my surroundings.”

Loving attention and entertainment Chalie Boy had big scale dreams from a young age, although not always in Rap. “Honestly, I always felt I had some [ability] at doing something with music. I didn’t expect to be doing it on the level that I’m doing it. I didn’t expect that I’d be doing what I’m doin’, which is rappin’. I always expected that if I make something, that it’d be more on the plain-and-simple R&B side; I never expected to be a rapper at all. It just happened that way.” No matter the goal, the young rapper states, “[My family] always pushed me along to further my dreams.

As he moves from regional to national, Chalie‘s “I Look Good” has reached over 6.5 million impressions at radio. Asked about his self-sufficient movement, Chalie revealed his long-time strategy to DX, “DJ Bull, CEO of Dirty 3rd Records, we’ve been together for a long time, and we’ve been on the mixtape market for a real long time. We try to just to stay as business-minded as we possibly can, to the level that we are. We meet and greet, we talk, we chop it up with the deejays, the A&R’s, the [programming directors at radio]. Every show or event we show up at, we let the people who threw it know us. When you call us, and we agree to something, that’s what we’re stickin’ to. We’re not gonna bail out. We’re gonna do our job the best that we can, no matter what situation we’re given.

Although details are sketchy regarding the rapper’s debut, he did reveal that he’s at work and honing his sound. “I’ve just been in the lab, makin’ all types of songs. I don’t actually know when the date will be for when the album will drop.

Chalie Boy‘s debut is expected in 2010 on Battery/Jive Records.