Following a recent stabbing at a Plies [click to read] concert in his hometown of Fort Myers, Florida, city officials are now trying to call forth a ban of Hip Hop events. The attack, which took place September 6 at Harborside Convention Center, a popular downtown venue, left one bouncer wounded and many patrons frightened.

Fort Myers City Councilman Warren Wright, claims that there is a direct correlation between criminal activity and Hip Hop performances, however, according to NBC [click here], Fort Myers Police Department does not have any evidence to support that claim. Siding with the councilman’s proposal to ban Hip Hop is Randy Henderson, the city’s newly elected mayor. Fort Myers’ News Press reported that Henderson is “offended by rap lyrics” and “supports limiting [Hip Hop] music and concerts.”

The Fort Myers stabbing is not the only recent attack succeeding a Hip Hop show. Just two days after the stabbing in Florida, a 20 year old victim was stabbed following a free Jay-Z performance at the House of Blues in Chicago. Earlier this year, a man was shot outside of a Drake concert also at the House of Blues [click to read], which was followed by a shooting after a Fabolous show in Pennsylvania which left both a man and woman injured. 

Wright is scheduled to argue in favor of banning Hip Hop from the city of Fort Myers at an upcoming city council meeting set to take place October 5.