When “Forever” dropped, it seemed to quickly become one of the most talked about singles of the year. Even before it hit the airwaves and Internet sites, people were arguing about who would have the best verse. In some ways, this was very similar to another release by four emcees. In Slaughterhouse’s [click here] case, it was a bit different because it was an independent release but it also garnered some of the same scrutiny. Now, those two have merged in the video for “Forever” [click to watch].

In the video, directed by Hype Williams, all emcees go through their verses without major surprises. However, the final, a verse by Eminem, featured a shot of Slaughterhouse, dressed in al black, backing Eminem. As one can imagine, this led many to fuel rumors of a potential collaboration between Slim Shady and the self proclaimed Voltron Crew.

Miss Info [click here] has gone on to say that she’s heard the move, one that placed the independent Rap group behind Slim, was a way to let fans know that the two parties were in negotiations. The talks have been that the crew may sign to Shady Records in the near future. None of this has been officially confirmed by any of the artists involved, however.

Meanwhile, Royce Da 5’9″ is readying the October release of Street Hop, an album that has DJ Premier listed as its Executive Producer. Crooked I is prepping his solo project Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist. Joell Ortiz is working on new music as well and Joe Budden has been gearing up for his Great Escape.