In a shocking display of behavior which seemed to be behind him Kanye West created what will surely be the most talked-about moment from this year’s MTV Video Music Awards during the presentation of the nights first award, Best Female Video.

While winner Taylor Swift began her gushingly sincere winner’s speech KanyeWest bounded up on stage and stole the microphone from the Country-Pop teen superstar’s hand. West shouted that he was happy for Swift but that Beyonce, one of the category’s other nominees, had made, in West’s mind, “one of the greatest videos of all time.”

Beyonce‘s reaction shot appeared to be a mix of shock and flattery, by her friend’s outlandish show of support. Unfortunately, the woman who’s moment it actually was, Swift, seemed stunned, horrified, and embarrassed. During a barrage of boo’s directed  at Kanye and encouraging cheers directed at Swift, the 19 year old singer stared into the crowd at a loss for words and unable to continue her speech, at which point MTV threw to a video package.

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Kanye’s outsized ego is one reason he is beloved but this ugly and inappropriate outburst may prove to disgust even his most ardent admirers. For her part, Swift showed little after affects of the incident during her performance less than 30 minutes later.

UPDATE: During the announcement of the Best Male Video category, which included a nomination of Kanye West, audience members again booed, while others chanted “Taylor, Taylor!” The award was presented by Diddy. The category was won by T.I. for “Live Your Life.” Beyonce would go on to win the Best Female Video award, and offer Swift a chance to finishe the acceptance speech west interrupted. West issued the following apology via his blog at