Fat Joe [click to read] has a new album coming out along with a new line of sneakers. Joe’s ninth album is called J.O.S.E Part 2 which is a follow up to is 2001 release of J.O.S.E. Along with the album Joe Crack is releasing a new pair of affordable shoes that will be sold in K-Mart and Sears across the country. The sneakers are called, Blackout and they are only $34.99.

Fat Joe’s new album has 13 tracks that include features by Lil Wayne, Raekwon, Akon, T-Pain, Lil Kim, Fabolous and Pleasure P. It also includes some new comers including, Oz, Rico Love, Ta and Ben Soir. The production list includes Ron Browz, Jim Jonsin and Streetrunner.

He has already released, “One” featuring Akon as a single with a video but the next single to come out is called, “Aloha” featuring Pleasure P and Rico Love. J.O.S.E Part 2 comes out in October but Blackouts are available now at Sears and K-Marts across the country.

1  “Winding On Me” produced by Ron Browz feat Lil Wayne & Ron Browz   
2  “Hey Joe” produced by DJ Infamous   
3  “One”  produced by The Inkredibles  feat Akon   
4  “Put You In The Game” produced by Shief  feat T-Pain & OZ  
5  “Congratulations” produced by Eric Hudson  feat Rico Love & T.A.  
6  “Porn Star” produced by Jim Jonsin  feat Lil Kim  
7  “Cupcakes” produced by Shief feat Ben Soir   
8  “Me and My Bitch” produced by Calvo feat OZ  
9  “Here We Go” produced by P.I.T. feat Fabolous & Rico Love  
10  “Ice Cream”  produced by The Inkredibles  feat Raekwon & TA  
11  “Okay Okay”  produced by The Inkredibles   
12  “Music”  produced by Raw Uncut    
13  “Aloha”  produced by Rico Love, EHood & E2 feat Pleasure P and Rico Love 

Co-reporting by Zac “Redhands” Shull for QTheQuestion.com.