As the founder of Stones Throw Records, deejay/producer Peanut Butter Wolf is known for his unique sound and style of creating music. Come this fall, the San Jose-native will take on his latest project with the same approach in mind.

Using 45’s, Peanut Butter Wolf has put together a compilation appropriately titled 45 Live: A Classic Rap Mix. Artists on the album include Just Ice, The Treacherous Three, Biz Markie [click to read], and Marley Marl [click to read], among other pioneering figures.

45 Live, which will be released on newly-created label Five Day Weekend, is a project Peanut Butter Wolf has described as an “honor” to create.

This is one of the crowning moments of my music career, seriously. As a kid growing up in San Jose, California when all this stuff was coming out, I was hooked and half a lifetime later I still am. I can only imagine what these songs sound like to a teenager today hearing them for the first time, just as they probably wonder what it was like for someone like me to have heard them for the first time back when it was all happening,” he said in a press statement.

45 Live is scheduled for a September 21 release date.

Along with the Peanut Butter Wolf project, Five Day Weekend also has plans to release another mix album called Echo Party from underground deejay/producer Edan, as well as a DVD from New York photojournalist Ricky Powell later this year.