It may only be a day after the release of Slaughterhouse‘s debut [click to read], but the crew is already promising a follow up. In an exclusive to HipHopDX, the members of the group said that fans can expect to hear a lot more from them soon.

“We started talking about it,”Joell Ortiz told us with Royce adding that they have somewhat of a plan for the next year.

“I think the goal is-without us even fully discussing it-to release all our solo projects, then get back together and knock that motherfucker out,” Royce noted. “But, we’ll probably start recording something in that period of time so we won’t have to go through that album in six days again. So, if this one is not a classic, we’re definitely going to make the next one a classic. We’re not going to allow a label to have us behind an 8 ball, not to say that it’s what E1 did but we don’t want to be held to restraints like guidelines, deadlines and shit like that. We’re going to take our time and bang them out.”

Even as their solo projects are released, Royce said fans can expect Slaughterhouse to be involved.

“We’re all going to be helping with promoting each solo album anyway. It’s going to be like a machine that’s going to go all the way through, and 2010 is going to be a crazy year.”

Joell Ortiz echoed those sentiments.

“I feel like all of our solo albums will have us featured on there. The Slaughterhouse entity will influence our solo albums too. You’re going to get a whole lot of music from Slaughterhouse from here until then. But, our second official album together, we’re going to make it twice as good as this one and we’re going to get two weeks instead of one this time.”

Some have also been asking about tracks that were left off the album, but Crooked I let us know that those tracks will be unveiled, one way or another.

“Some tracks might not fit this project, but they fit another one. So, I think you will hear the stuff we didn’t release. We did some crazy stuff, man. The world needs to hear it even if it’s just a leak.”