Veteran emcees Del The Funky Homosapien [click to read] and Tame One [click to read] have put their efforts together in order to create a new album called Parallel Uni-Verses. Releasing through Gold Dust Records, the collaborative project will feature ten tracks, with the album entirely produced by Parallel Thought.

Recalling their first encounter over 15 years ago, Hieroglyphics founder Del explained he and Tame One hit it off well and have since been a fan of each others music. “We both were kinda like party animals so that’s kinda how I got to liking his personality. He has a good sense of humor, so that’s probably the main reason I liked to be around him. We somewhat kept in touch throughout the years, back and forth, but I always would follow his career.

Stating the respect is reciprocal, Artifacts member Tame One said their intent on this album is to, “showcase how things used to be done, without the politics of the day, greed and egos corrupting the hip-hop art form.

Adding Del, “We are the element that is missing, not [just] because I said so. That’s what’s up; we didn’t sell out for all the luxury and monetary gains. The original ways, we kept at and built upon those.” Parallel Uni-Verses will hit stores later this year.

In other news, Houston rapper Chamillionaire [click to read] released Mixtape Messiah 7 yesterday. As disc one of a two-part finale for a mixtape series that Cham started in 2004, the second release is expected to hit the internet sometime later this week.

To celebrate the closing of his widely-acclaimed mixtape series, “King Koopa” has 100 copies pressed and ready to give away to his most dedicated fans. In limited physical form, the discs will include Cham’s signature, a 12-page booklet full of artwork, and a $100 bill stashed inside.

Chamillionaire will also auction off two copies on eBay, with all proceeds going to No More Victims, a local Houston organization that gives aide to children of incarcerated parents. Fans can find out how to win a copy of Mixtape Messiah 7 [here]. Chamillionaire is currently at work on his as-yet untitled third studio album. His last album, Ultimate Victory [click to read], was released in 2007.