After remaining relatively quiet on the subject of his divorce from R&B singer Kelis, Nas has issued some of his first quotes about the matter. In an interview published on the Vancouver, BC Web site,, Nas refutes accusations of cheating and defends his parenting skills.

“It’s unfortunate when business is out there about your personal shit, especially when you’re really not the guy to be having his shit out there,”Nas said. “The sad thing is, you’ve got to get used to it. My skin is so thick that I probably need to write a book for people who are not ready for anything crazy.”

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After being married in 2005, various news sources reported Nas and Kelis were headed for a divorce in April. Kelis confirmed the news with a message from her Twitter account about infidelity [click to read]. She has since given birth to the pair’s son, Knight, and been awarded over $45,000 in combined spousal and child support [click to read].

“I heard that I was a cheater,”Nas told “It almost sounds like I was a bad husband. Not to say I was the greatest—I’m not perfect in anything I do—but I think I deserve a fucking trophy. If I do say so myself, without sounding too cocky, I gotta say I was a hell of a husband and a hell of a dad.”

Nas‘ full interview with, which also includes information about his Distant Relatives album with Damian Marley, is available here.