Nas has responded in his divorce case with singer Kelis, claiming he makes far less than she thinks.

According to, Kelis claims that Nas earned $11 million in an album deal. “I did not receive even half that amount,” responded Nas in legal papers, saying it was closer to $4 million.

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Nas elaborated, explainig that his income is declining, and that he currently makes $147,165 a month. In addition, the rapper allegedly spends $71,371.96 a month, $10,000 of which goes to clothing, hair, toiletries and presonal effects.

Kelis, who is pregnant with the rapper’s child, says that Nas has yet to pay child or spousal support, although he revealed that he wants to be “fully involved.”

Nas‘ legal response allegedly propsed a sum of $5,000 per month.